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E & W Seagrove

E & W Seagrove, Naval outfitters, Portsea.

Established in 1795, the Seagrove business stayed within the family across many generations. It is noted that William Seagrove was in business as a draper and mercer (a dealer in textiles and fabrics) from 1830 to 1852 and, given their location opposite HM Dockyards and as was not uncommon in the times, expanded the business into a more comprehensive Naval outfitters supplying everything from equipment to furniture to the Officers of the Navy.

In 1844 William's son, another William, joined the firm instigating the first name change to Seagrove & Son until the father died in 1849, William Jnr and his brother Edwin took over under the name W & E Seagrove.

1853 saw the introduction of another William, a nephew, and yet another name change to E & W Seagrove. However this William was to die young at just 34 in 1866 when Augustus joined and they became E. A. Seagrove remaining so until 12 years after Edwin's death in 1880 when in 1892 it changed yet again to Seagrove and Co. before finally changing to Gieve, Matthews & Seagrove Ltd in 1904.

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