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Wood (Late Abraham) & A. Abraham & Co.

The Abraham family were opticians and scientific instrument makers.

Jacob Abraham was an optician and scientific equipment supplier in Bath, Somerset. In 1817 his son Abraham Abraham opened for business in Liverpool. Later partnerships were formed in other locations namely;

Glasgow: 1838-1843 – A. Abraham and Company partnership with Simon Phineas Cohen (1805 - 1894)
Manchester: 1841-1844  – Abraham and Dancer with John Benjamin Dancer (1812 - 1887)
Liverpool: 1849-1855 – A. Abraham and Company with Charles Joseph Harbertson West, (1800 - 1868) and George Smart Wood (1816 - 1882).

c.1849 and located at 20 Lord Street, Liverpool, Abraham partnered with George Smart Wood, his incumbent optician, and Charles West his manager trading under the name A. Abraham and Company.

Abraham, Abraham and Co are listed as exhibiting at the 1851 London International Exhibition.

Wood and West continued to trade under this name following Abraham’s retirement back to the South West c.1851 whilst still maintaining an interest in the business. The partnership finally dissolved in 1855 followed by Abraham’s death in 1863.

Both West and Wood set up in separate business’ with Wood remaining at 20 Lord Street and growing the business and still trading under the name A. Abraham and Co. until sometime in the 1870s – later documented in the 1880 Kelly’s Directory of Liverpool listed as ‘Wood, George S. (late Abraham & Co.)’ . But, the name evidently reverted back to “Abraham and Co.” shortly afterwards.

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