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W Insall & Sons, Bristol

W. Insall & Sons, Bristol
(Est. 1829)

Situated at 19 and 20 St Augustines Parade in Bristol, W Insall and Sons was a highly regarded company making luggage and trunks in the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

Established in 1829, and with many different styles of luggage including portmanteaus, cricket bags, hunting bags and ladies handbags, W Insall and Sons became a popular shopping destination for men and women.

In the 1890’s the business devised a portable water receptacle, discarding the need for a static water supply on long journeys.  

However, as air travel developed and became increasingly popular, the leather and brass bags and wooden trunks favoured by W Insall and Sons were found to be too heavy and unsuitable for modern travel, and their luggage business deteriorated with the business ending between the first and second world wars.

With such a broad range of quality business, travel & sporting storage items made, the company attracted clients across the globe; offering fine products such as Gladstone bags, ball-dress baskets, officers kit bags and the classic ‘overland trunk - zinc lined for India and the Colonies’.

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