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T. Cooke & Sons Ltd, London & York

T. Cooke & Sons Ltd, London & York

With a flare for optical engineering, autodidact Thomas Cooke, founded the firm in York in 1837.

He built his own factory in Bishophill, York from 1855, manufacturing a broad range of instruments; surveying equipment, telescopes, spectacles, clocks and more.

Thomas died in 1868 but the firm continued to thrive with his sons at the helm. They grew the export side of the business, shipping goods worldwide with a strong market for their telescopes and surveying equipment.

Supporting the war effort of the First World War, a new factory was established in 1914 on the Bishophill site to cope with the growing demand for defence products.

Vickers Ltd acquired control of the firm in 1915 and oversaw the expansion of the firm until they merged with another prestigious instrument making firm, Troughton & Simms of London, in 1922 becoming Cooke, Troughton & Sims. Later to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Vickers in 1924.

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