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Roberson & Co. 99 Long Acre, London

Roberson & Co. 99 Long Acre, London


Founded in 1810 by Charles Roberson, the firm strategically placed themselves in Long Acre, London close to the thriving artistic community and the Royal Academy based at Somerset House.

They remained in Long Acre, moving from 51 to 99 in 1853, until 1937 which saw a wholesale move to Camden Town where they would stay until 1987 moving to Holloway. Right up until the 1970s the firm remained in family ownership and continues to trade today under new ownership. Records from the mid 19th century show two of his nephews, Charles Park and Charles Roberson, working for the firm.

Roberson manufactured a broad range of equipment with his paint recipes a closely guarded secret. Among Roberson's customers were artists such as Turner, Whistler and Sargent, designers such as William Morris, William de Morgan and Walter Crane alongside notable patrons including Queen Victoria and Winston and Lady Churchill.

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