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J Shoolbred & Co., London

J Shoolbred & Co. London
(1820 – 1931)

James Shoolbred and Co. (aka Jas Shoolbred) were established during the Regency period of the 1820’s. Originally a drapers supplying the furniture trade they became part of it when, sometime around 1860, they started manufacturing and selling furniture to their own designs; Noted for a sophisticated aesthetic look, their pieces often referenced Regency interpretations of Greek and Roman antiquity.

Gaining a reputation for high quality furniture, their catalogues featured complimentary products and room sets and became as much a guide to good taste for the Victorian home, as a sales catalogue. Such was the success that by the 1880’s, Shoolbred had opened the City’s first large department store on Tottenham Court Road, London.
In the mid 1880’s Schoolbred was granted a Royal Warrant, testament to the quality of their furniture.
They ceased trading in 1931 following the financial depression of the 1920’s.
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