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Howard & Sons, Berners Street, London

Howard & Sons, Berners Street, London
(1820 - 1947)

Established in 1820 by John Howard, going on to become Howard & Sons and trading from multiple addresses in central London, the firm is best known for it’s exceptional quality upholstered furniture but also excelled in upholstery, cabinet making and wall and floor coverings. In 1872 they relocated to their most notable address, Berners Street, and flourished winning awards at multiple exhibitions including two golds and a silver at the Paris exhibition of 1900.
Working for exclusive clients throughout the 19th and early 20th century, and boasting Royal patronage, Howard & Sons is a sure mark of quality. The Victoria and Albert Museum of London have an 1862 cabinet in their collection. Most of their work is marked with either a stamp, paper or Ivorine label. Stamps often found on castors or the inside back leg. 
They ceased trading in 1947.
Time Line:
1820 – John Howard begins trading as a cabinet manufacturer at 24 Lemon Street, London
1829 – The business relocates to 27 Great Alie Street, London
1832 – The business relocates to 34 Great Alie Street, London
A showroom and upholstery workshop open in Red Lion Street
1848 – John Howard & Sons establish trading as ‘Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer and Decorator’ from 22 Berners Street, London
1861 – Workshops opened at Tottenham Street, London (Departing in 1889)
1862 – Prize awarded at the Crystal Palace Exhibition for library furniture
1865 – Workshops opend at Fitzroy Square, London (Departing in 1868)
1865 – George Howard patents a method for veneering walls with wood
1865 – Howard & Sons listed as ‘Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer and Decorator’
1866 – George Howard patents the ‘Elastic Seat’revolutionising upholstery
1867 – First of many patents for 'Improved production of parquet flooring’
1869 – Consolidation of workshops to Clevedon Street
1872 – The business relocates to 25,26 and 27 Berners Street, London
1878 – Prize awarded at the International Exhibition
1894 – Prize awarded at the Antwerp Exhibition
1899 – Howard & Sons Ltd
1900 – Two gold and one silver medals awarded at the Paris Exhibition
1935 – The business moves to 31 Old Burlington Street, London focusing on upholstered furniture
1947 – Howard & Sons Ltd cease trading

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