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Edward Preston & Sons, Birmingham

 Edward Preston & Sons of Birmingham

Edward Preston & Sons of Birmingham

Once likened to the Stanley brand of America for its variety of hand tools, Edward Preston & Sons of Birmingham was a big name in the 19th century.

With an initial start in woodworking planes prior to the reign of Queen Victoria, Edward Senior's company diversified through the inclusion of Edward Jr. Such was his drive and resourceful nature, the son started up his own spirit level manufactory business, initially from the workshop of his father, before moving out to his own premises in 1864.

His own sons were brought into the fold in 1889 and this is the year the name changed to Edward Preston & Sons. It operated under incorporation until difficult times saw the company sold to fellow Birmingham firm John Rabone & Sons in 1932.

Alongside spirit levels, the company developed planes and other hand tools, as his father had before him.

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