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Dominic Hurley – Sculptural Artist

Dominic Hurley – Sculptural Artist

Dominic Hurley
Sculptural Artist

Devon-based sculptor Dominic Hurley has been dedicated to the art of creative stone carving for his entire working life. From apprenticing at the stone yard of Exeter Cathedral - made famous for having the longest medieval vaulted ceiling in the world - he is now in his fifth decade as a stone artisan.

Passion and creativity run deep within Dominic’s psyche; the natural world offers him the inspiration to develop conceptual pieces whether free-carved or Pietra dura. Whilst working with the finest marble stocks sourced across the globe, or reforming pieces from antique reclaimed materials, Dominic strives to always do justice to the magnificence of the stone and create works of art that will be recognised as quality for many centuries to come.

Study of the Renaissance masters has impassioned Dominic with a desire to honour classical form - his excitement for the works of such visionaries as Gian Lorenzo Bernini flow effortlessly into client projects.

With signature works such as the monumental ‘Shabani - Gorilla in Thought’, Dominic continues to generate bespoke masterpieces for discerning collectors worldwide.

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