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C. West, Optician Manufacturer London

C West London

C. West, Optician Manufacturer London

Apprenticed as an optician to Joshua Davies from 1790 and turned over to George Linnell, Charles Robert West was known to have been working in London from 1801 until his death in 1824 as an optician and manufacturer.

Working at various addresses across London he was a member of the Guild of Spectaclemakers from 1801, from which time he was known to have taken on several apprentices himself and took out a patent on telescopes with William Bruce in 1807.

It is likely that another Charles West, again an optician and working between 1817 and 1822 at 5 Cursitor Street and 83 St. James Street, London was a relative of Charles Robert West. This gentleman is linked as a supplier of lenses with the renowned names of Adams, Dollond and Watkins.

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